Our Culture

Corporate Values

With a long-established history, ETS-Testconsult Ltd. is proud to have many long-serving employees who have helped us grow to become the company we are today.  ETL values this dedication and understands that our talented teams bring the spirit of the company to life.  Each individual in the organization is important to us.


Although employee safety is our primary concern, we want to make sure that each member of staff is provided with the tools to help them grow personally and professionally, so that they can approach each task with confidence and integrity to better not only themselves as individuals but also the business as a whole.

Opportunities & Benefits

ETL offers all employees a variety of opportunities and benefits throughout their careers with us, depending on their role within our organization.  The most common ones are listed below.  For further information, please contact our Personnel Department.

Competitive Remuneration

Discretionary Bonus Scheme

Provident Fund

Medical Compensation

Training Courses

Life Insurance



HOKLAS Accreditation in Concrete Bleeding

Since November 2022, our Construction Materials Department has been HOKLAS accredited in Concrete Bleeding which determines the relative quantity of mixing water that will bleed from a sample of freshly mixed concrete.

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Sound Calibration services now available

As we continually expand our range of services, our Calibration department now offers Sound Calibration.

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Updated BS EN 196-2 standards for cement testing

With a wide range of testing capabilities for construction materials, our Chemical department recently updated their BS EN 196-2 standards for cement testing from the 1995 to the 2013 version.

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